Welcome to our store. We strive to find the solar items other stores don't have or don't care enough tpo have in stock.Fellow Homesteaders,

Thank you so much for dropping by our store!

We focus on trying to provide all those items required to install solar, wind and micro-hydro systems that all of the other stores either don’t or won’t bother to stock!

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Be patient with us as we add new products daily.

Even though we have been in the solar industry since 2002, this is the first automated store we have ever had and we are doing it for the least amount of money possible to show others you do not need to already be rich to store an online store.

But you have to be willing to put in a lot of late nights!

It seems all the other “solar stores” sell solar modules, inverters, batteries, charge controllers, and all the other “money makers” but DON’T have the balance of system components (like DC fuses, DC breakers, MC4 cables, DC solid state relays etc.) required to finish your installation.

Where does that leave you other than frustrated and unable to complete your system?

Or you are forced to finish it using the wrong components like AC fuses on the DC side or smaller inverter cables reducing the performance and efficiency of your system.

Or WORSE…They drop-ship!

Drop shipping means that you order an item from a website/store and make payment to them. The website/store then sends the order (and makes payment) to a wholesaler who in turn packages your order and ships it. Sounds great right? It is for the store but not for the consumer.

But here are the things that can and do go wrong:

  1. The wholesaler does not have the item(s) in stock…ever hear of a backorder?
    Now the internet store has your money and you have two choices…try and get your money back or wait for your order to be shipped to the wholesaler and then finally to you.
  2. The wholesaler ships your order but ships the wrong products.
    Now you have a box of goodies that you didn’t want and must return them to either the wholesaler or the web store and hope you don’t get stuck with the return shipping costs. This can happen as the store will blame the wholesaler and the wholesaler will blame the store.
  3. You never receive your order.
    The wholesaler swears they shipped it and the store you sent your money to is powerless to do anything to help except return your money. If you are lucky enough to get your money back you now have to begin the shopping process all over again.
  4. You receive your order but it is damaged.
    This is one of the worst problems to have because the shipper (UPS/FedEx) blames the packer (the wholesaler), the wholesaler blames the shipping company and the store you bought your items from is unable to do anything.
  5. The wholesaler ships your order in multiple shipments.
    The wholesaler has some of the items for your order so they ship them

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    . Two weeks later they get another couple of items in stock and immediately forward them to you. A week later the rest of your order arrives at the wholesaler and is forwarded to you. Your order is finally in your hands and you are a “happy camper”. However there is one last issue to deal with…all the extra shipping costs as now there are three shipments instead of just one. The shipper invoices the wholesaler, the wholesaler bills the web store and last but not least, the web store bills your credit card for the extra shipping costs. Ah…finally everyone is happy except you. It has become such common practice that unless you have it (in writing) that the total freight charges are ?????? your credit card company will side with the internet store.

I think I have made my point. Ask the questions before you give out your credit card information. When you buy something on or offline you should expect to get the items you ordered in a reasonable time frame for a reasonable price!


And if we don’t have it in stock, our store will not allow you to order it.

But as always we will do our best to keep prices low by buying direct from the manufacturer and keeping our overhead costs low.

If we can’t sell it competitively, we will try to link you to someone who can!

We do need to make some profit as we have families to raise and we also have a policy of donating 10% to helping the country of Haiti. We have been there many times, adopted two children from Haiti (read about us) and will continue to help in our small way.

Act fast if you see something you like!

It may be the last time we are able to get that product or get it for the price we need to to have the best price on the net!

As we are located in Canada, the price you see is the price you pay. There are no extra sales taxes, customs fees or duties for purchases shipped to Canada.

We also ship to the good ole’ USA daily and most times things cross the border without a hitch or extra costs and the best part is your dollar is worth about $1.30 in Canadian funds (as of May 26/16).

For US customers: If you see a price for a product or shipping, divide that price by 1.3 and that will be really close to the price charged to your credit card or PayPal.

If you have any questions…contact us!

Go to our shipping page to learn how shipping is calculated for single item purchases and multiple item purchases.

We have lived off the grid for over fifteen years and have made many mistakes and learned many lessons. It is my hope we can help you avoid those mistakes.

Go to for articles from how to make your home more efficient to how to install fuses, dump/diversion loads and much more. We are in this together and need to be willing to help each other.

Go here to learn about our store and why we do what we do.

Your Friends at

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