This 200 amp class T fuseblock (CFB1-200) is a combination of a 200 amp DC rated class T (up to 125 volt) and UL/CSA approved fuse mounted in a fuse holder that has built in lugs on either end eliminating the need for lugs on your battery/inverter cables.

It is protected by a removable polycarbonate (Lexan) cover to prevent accidental contact from things like wrenches or screwdrivers.

The built in aluminum lugs will accept any size cable (wire) between 6 AWG and 250 MCM (which is the next size above 4/0).

end view of lug for 200 amp class t fuse holder lugJust the built in lugs will save you at least $10 (probably more) as you will not need to purchase lugs for your inverter cable. Simply strip the insulation back about 3/4" (19mm) on your cable, insert into the lug and tighten the set screw.

200 amp 125 volt dc and 300 volt ac fuse mounted in holder

Class T Fuse

The included 200 amp fuse is a JLLN model made by Littelfuse and is rated for both AC (up to 300 volts) and DC (up to 125 volts) making them perfect for a catastrophe fuse to be placed as close to your battery bank as possible.

You may be thinking, "I already have a 175 amp DC breaker for my inverter in my DC breaker panel such as those made by Midnite Solar, Magnum Energy, Schneider Electric/Xantrex or Outback Power Systems" but they are always located a distance from the battery bank.

What if you were working on the system and you allowed the positive and negative inverter cables to touch each other or dropped a wrench on them?

If you are lucky you may have an extremely hot arc and be able to disconnect them. If you are unlucky you will be seriously burned or your battery bank will explode.

That is why we refer to the large Class T Fuses as a catastrophe fuse. They are there to prevent bad things from happening.

removing 200 amp class t fuse with a one half inch or 13mm wrench

Removing 200 amp class t fuse with a 1/2" or 13mm wrench.

The base of the fuse holder is made from black polycarbonate reinforced with fiberglass. The snap-on cover is made from clear polycarbonate (bullet proof glass) and all the hardware is stainless steel except the actual lugs which are made from aluminum. These are quality units made by Deltec Co. Fuse Products in Norwalk, California. Deltec Co. has been a supplier to all the major solar manufacturers in North America for many years. They also supply the supply the 500 amp and 100 amp shunts used by most of the solar industry.

disassembled 200 amp dc fuse with holder

These are all of the components included with your 200 amp dc fuse and holder.

Why use a 200 amp class T fuse with holder?

For safe operation of your inverter or inverter/charger system (or other high current requirements such as an electric car), this battery fuse and holder is a recommended accessory that offers over-current protection for the cable running between the inverter or other load and battery power source. The battery fuse and holder has a polycarbonate (lexan) cover that protects your system from inadvertent contact with the battery fuse and posts, and the fuse is class T rated to allow for momentary surges without blowing.

removing set screw from 200 amp class t fuse holder set screw with five sixteenths or 8mm allen wrench

Removing set screw from fuse holder set screw with 5/16" or 8mm allen wrench.

As current passes through any cable, heat is generated. If the inverter draws more current than the cable can handle due to heavy loads, excessive heat is produced. The fuse can handle a certain amount of excess current but is designed to blow when the safe limits are exceeded, protecting the cable from deterioration, permanent damage or damage to property and person. Proper sizing of the cable and fuse are important in ensuring that these hazards are avoided. For specific recommendations, refer to your inverter or inverter/charger owner’s manual.

As a general rule the 200 amp fuse is used for inverters which require a 175 amp DC breaker for over-current protection. It is also used to protect 2/0 battery cable from overheating and causing a fire.

200 amp class t fuse saleWe highly recommend buying one or two spare fuses (depending on how accident prone you are?) in case you have an accident and ruin your first one. It is nice to know you have an extra in case you need it in the middle of the night on a weekend!

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