So Far So Good! A Few Bugs to Work Out!

Although we have lived off the grid since 2001 and operated a solar store since 2002, this is the first time we have done it online without actually speaking to our customers on the phone. It is a whole new ball game. There have been a few hiccups with the store but generally things are going really well.

canada postWe will be adding a Canada Post shipping calculator within the next few days so you will be able to get an exact shipping cost for your entire order instantly, instead of over paying at times and getting a refund for the extra shipping the website charged you compared to the real shipping costs. Although you have been very trusting in that department and there hasn’t been one order that we didn’t have to refund some of the shipping and handling charges.

uspsFor our US customers Canada Post will be handing your package off to the much more efficient United States Postal Service even though Canada Post will be collecting the shipping costs.

learning curveThis is a huge learning curve for us. We are off grid solar experts not shopping cart / WordPress /e-commerce experts and it has really shown itself to be more difficult than anticipated. So far all orders have shipped on time without a hitch but there has been so much manual labor involved.

That is what we are trying to avoid so we can spend more time providing free energy-saving, living off the land and renewable energy information for others as that is our main passion.

Selling stuff just pays the bills so we can focus on our main goal of helping folks live off the grid through our main website

Thank you all so much for your patience as you have received duplicate or incomplete emails regarding your orders. Sometimes PayPal is a little slow on the draw letting us know your payment has been made but even that seems to be getting better.

We have sold a ton of DC Class T Fuses and their holders this August and hope to sell more.

It you just want to learn remember there are tons of free DIY homesteading articles on

You guys are awesome and that’s what makes it fun!

Keep trying new things and sharing with each other. Someone needs to be the pioneers….



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